CPD Programme

CPD Programme 2018 - 19

We offer a number of courses and training opportunities for members and non-members. Alliance members have access to reduced cost places on training. We also offer a wide variety of tailor-made training for individual schools. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

School Experience Morning

Our mornings typically include the following:

Meet with a senior member of staff and have a brief tour of the school
Attend assembly
Time in class (KS1 or KS2)
Break (in staffroom)
Time in class (whichever KS not attended in morning)
Q&A with a senior member of staff

BTA School Experience Flyer

Meeting the Needs of Able Pupils

Jo MacArthur is an experienced headteacher and local authority adviser, recently appointed to her second headship at The Willows Primary School, Newbury. As well as currently leading on Assessment within West Berkshire, Jo has previous experience in the role of the LA Gifted Talented Consultant, is an accredited Philosophy for Children Trainer and has achieved a Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice in Gifted and Talented Education as part of the Oxford Brookes Masters Programme.  

Elaine Ricks-Neal works as an Associate with the National Association of Able Children in Education and is the co-author of the NACE Challenge Award.  NACE is a well-established leading organisation nationally providing guidance and support for Able Pupil provision. Elaine is also currently the Director of the Berkshire Teaching Alliance.

Outline When and Where Who Cost

 12th March 2019

•National Context
•Identification and support process
•Constructing an Able Pupil policy
•Role of the Able Pupil Co-ordinator
•Resources and links

19th March 2019

•Provision for able pupils
•Mastery and progress for able pupils
•CPD audit
•Resources and links


Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 19th March 2019


1.30 – 4.30 p.m.


The Willows Primary School


For Able Pupil Co-ordinators, Team and Senior Leaders


Alliance Members:


£55 for 1 session

£90 for 2 sessions 




£75 for 1 session

£130 for 2 sessions


Supporting Ethnic Minority and Pupils with EAL

Outline When and Where Who Cost

Find out how to meet the needs of EAL pupils and learners from ethnic minorities more effectively.

Led by an alliance LLE

Half day  courses by arrangement.     


Prices on applicaton.

Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools

Outline When and Where Who Cost

We cover how to develop pupil's practical and intellectual skills. Key areas:

- Reasoning & problem solving

- Improving communication

- Team building & collaboration

- Improving spatial awareness and motor control

- Evaluation and review skills

- How to plan learning with different curriculum skills

At an alliance school by arrangement.


Twilight, half or whole day is available


KS1 - KS2 teachers & support staff


On application

Maths: Improve your subject knowledge


When and Where Who Cost

Led by alliance practitioners.

Each small group session focuses on a specific area; so you can be confident about your own mastery.

1/2 day or twlight sessions in your school by request.

Class teachers

Early years-KS2 and support staff


On application

PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education


When and Where Who Cost


Our experienced trainers will help you develop this vital area in your school.  Sex and Relationships Education is an essential part of safeguarding children and young people.
We offer a range of training:
Developing an effective and inclusive approach to SRE, to meet the complex and diverse range of needs for KS3-5 learners with SEND.
Creating a meaningful and impactful SRE policy.
Policy into Practice – peer support to model different delivery methods for different age ranges.
Developing schemes of work, planning and resource.
Coaching for individual staff or teams
Establishing a cohesive approach in your school.  A blend of policy review, planning updates, modelling how to embed in your PSHE curriculum. Includes lesson study and / or demo lessons.


Inset days

Twilight sessions / half or whole day on site.

Alternatively contact us to find out when one of our regular courses is operating


KS3-5 teachers and leaders

KS2 Y5/6 staff



Price on application – tailored to your school. 

 A ‘one off’ day costs £335 but discounts are available for a complete package of support.

Meeting the needs of Special Educational Needs Learners


When and Where Who Cost

We offer half day, day or twilight training tailored to your school or alliance’s needs.
Sample training:
Developing effective classroom.  Practice:
• Understanding the four categories of need & likely barriers to learning. How to overcome these.
• Planning, assessing learning and progress.
• Managing interactions with pupil, parents & carers and other professionals.

Specific support for SENCos
• Compliance and best practice
• Management of records
• Tracking progress.
• Reporting to governors
• Preparing for Ofsted


For any professionals working with children and young people from reception to sixth form


Half day or twilight - £168
Whole day -£335


Meeting the Needs of Pupils with ASD in Mainstream Classes

Outline When and Where Who Cost

Practical strategies for meeting the needs of ASD pupils in mainstream classes.

Led by an alliance SLE

1/2 day or twilight sessions in your school by arrangement. 

Whole school training for primary phase staff.

Half day

£325 alliance members (per school)

£400 non-members (per school)


£168 alliance members (per school)


£200 non-members (per school)

Support in your School

We specialise in providing support in your school.  All our in-school support is tailor made to your needs. 

Outline When and Where Who Cost


All programmes begin with an analysis of need.  We then work with you to shape an improvement programme which suits you and your school. We use flexible approaches, such as one-to-one coaching, direct training or visits to the teaching school.  
We provide support and coaching for leaders at all levels on:
Raising standards (whole school and vulnerable groups),
SEND – leadership and improving provision.
Improving the quality of teaching and learning.
Challenge for more able learners
Performance management
Systematic school  based self evaluation & improvement
Working with governors effectively.



  We discuss your requirements and shape a plan to fit with your budget.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training

Delivered by MHFA England accredited trainers

Outline When and Where Who Cost
The MHFA England course teaches you how to recognise the signs and symptoms of some common mental health issues; anxiety, depression, suicide, psychosis, self-harm and eating disorders, so that you can;
Spot the early signs of a mental health problem (students or with colleagues)
Feel confident helping someone experiencing a problem
Provide help on a first aid basis
Help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others
Help stop a mental health problem from getting worse
Help someone recover faster
Guide someone towards the right support
Reduce the stigma of mental health problems

Inset days  OR

Twilight sessions / half or whole day on site OR

Contact us to find out when one of our regular courses is operating.

The course is suitable for any senior leader, teacher or support staff (EYFS to KS5). It is delivered over a period of two days or can be spread out over a number of sessions for up to 12 staff..


You will receive a pack of MHFA England resources and a certificate of attendance.

£175 for alliance members / £300 for non-members


Radicalisation Training for Teachers

Outline When and Where Who Cost
Be more aware of how to tackle and prevent radicalisation effectively.

Twilight sessions by arrangement.

Whole school training for primary phase staff.

£168 alliance members (per school)

£200 Non members (per school) 

Safeguarding Level One

Outline When and Where Who Cost
Child Protection Level 1 / Child Protection and Safeguarding updates.

Up to 1/2 day termly

Variety of venues

Teaching, non-teaching staff, volunteers and governors. On application