Our Steering Group

Our strategic partners are central to the work of our alliance. Berkshire Teaching Alliance has six strategic partners who form our Steering Group. Each has a strong desire, capacity and expertise to contribute. They either take on a leading role in a key area or have more of a ‘watching brief’ in order to build capacity.

Membership as a strategic partner on our Steering Group means that they share collective responsibility for the outcomes of the work of the alliance against BTA and national performance indicators. Strategic Partners sign our terms of reference each year, confirming their commitment.

Strategic Partners Schools Key Area
Catherine Morley

Headteacher, Theale C of E Primary

Teaching School

School Support and Leadership

Florence Rostron Executive Headteacher, Calcot Schools Research and Development
John Micklewhite Headteacher, Birch Copse Primary Specialist Leaders of Education
Angela Hay Headteacher, The Winchcombe School to School Support
Catherine Nisbet Headteacher, Mrs Bland’s Infant School Professional Development
Catherine Bernie Deputy Headteacher, Brookfields Specialist SEN School Lead School - Initial Teacher Education
Lee Simpson

Deputy Headteacher,

Denefield School

Initial Teacher Education, Secondary Programme Lead
Barbara Hunter Executive Headteacher, Westwood Farm Schools Leadership, Pupil Premium, Curriculum
Oxford Brookes University We also work closely with OBU. They contribute at a strategic level to support our Initial Teacher Education

Strategic partners meet many of the following criteria, they

  • Have a specific skill connected to one of the ‘big six’.
  • Are a current headteacher or individual holding a senior role in a member school whose school has a proven track record in successfully addressing key performance indicators in one of the ‘big six’.
  • Have a proven track record and expertise in meeting an identified need within the alliance or can provide leadership on a priority area in our strategic plan.
  • Are a current NLE or LLE or willing to become a system leader.
  • Can contribute to system leadership, by sharing expertise across the alliance and providing leadership of an aspect of the strategic plan.
  • Have good capacity to give time and energy to the alliance.