Initial Teacher Education

We are recruiting for 2020-21

School’s Direct is an ‘on the job’ way of learning. We believe in creating opportunity, so your training with us will fully prepare you for the excitements and challenges of teaching and school life. Our school based training model will mean that you will have gained much experience and be highly attractive to a range of schools.

Why train with us?

We train and employ our graduate trainees in our schools:

  1. BTA has a great deal of experience of training potential teachers. Currently we have 2 National Leaders in Education in the BTA. Our alliance partner schools have an excellent track record of bringing new teachers successfully into the profession.
  2. We can prepare you to teach in either primary or secondary mainstream or special schools; you can view them here: Alliance Schools Map
  3. We also offer primary mainstream with mathematics. This will provide you with the opportunity to train in schools with excellent maths provision as well as developing leadership skills in mathematics. Bursaries are available to trainees on primary with maths courses with at least grade B maths A level or equivalent.
  4. See for yourself why you should choose to train with BTA in West Berkshire:What West Berkshire has to offer trainee teachersTeachers talking about working in West Berkshire schools More information about West Berkshire can also be found here: Teach West Berkshire The 'Get Into Teaching' website has real-life experiences from people who have made a career change into teaching, and from current and previous trainees. Get Into Teaching

You will be fully prepared and confident to teach:

  1. All our partner schools are ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’, so you will learn from and alongside the skilled and expert practitioners in primary and secondary settings. You will also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in mathematics through the option of the primary mainstream maths programme. You will be provided with opportunities for placements in a variety of excellent settings. Provision across the alliance is also very strong in the Arts and English.
  2. Our lead ITT school is a cross-phase special (SEND) school. In addition to learning alongside highly talented mainstream teachers, your training programme will have the opportunity to learn more about how to meet the needs of young people with barriers to learning. In this way you will be well prepared to teach in either a mainstream or specialist setting.
  3. You will have a trained learning coach / teacher mentor who will guide some of your learning and provide support and continuity across placements
  4. Our training and learning programmes are both practical and innovative. We will give you the tools to do the job, from learning how to manage behaviour, how to select the best teaching strategy and introduce you to some cutting edge ideas from current research.
  5. Benefit from longer term placements in contrasting settings and phases so that you can be part of a team and develop your skills to a high level.

You influence and help shape your training:

  1. Our course is structured to enable you to ‘mix and match’ so you can pursue your own research. Depending on your interests we can arrange placements and visits to other alliance schools (including special schools, a secondary academy and a range of community and faith primary schools in both rural and urban settings).
  2. You can choose from gaining a Masters level PGCE and QTS or a QTS only route

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