Our ITE Programme

We train students in all phases for a career in both mainstream or special schools.

  • For trainees wanting a career in mainstream education, we can offer you placements in one of our excellent primary schools which have specialisms in the Arts, English and mathematics. For secondary applicants you will be placed in a school with a strong track record for your training.
  • For interested applicants there is an opportunity to have a short visit and/or placements in an outstanding special school to prepare you for the diverse pupil population you will inevitably meet in your future teaching career.
  • For any trainee wanting a career in special education, you will be placed in, and trained by one of two outstanding special schools in West Berkshire. You will also compliment your training by spending a term in a mainstream setting.  This will prepare you for an exciting fulfilling career in all aspects of special education in both special school and mainstream settings. NB national requirements for trainees on a School’s Direct route and hoping to work only in special education is that they need to complete training in both special and mainstream settings.