Membership for West Berkshire Schools

  • Any West Berkshire School is welcome to join our alliance.
  • If you are in ‘Champions for Children’ Link Group, you will automatically be invited to join Berkshire Teaching Alliance.

Membership for Schools in Berkshire or beyond:

We welcome schools from any region, context or at any stage of development to join the alliance and benefit from membership.

Membership as a Strategic Partner

Our Strategic Partner schools are central to the work of our alliance. Berkshire Teaching Alliance has six strategic partners who form our Steering Group. Each has a strong desire, capacity and expertise to contribute.  According to our Strategic Plan, they either take on a leading role in a key area or have more of a ‘watching brief’ in order to build capacity.  A Strategic Partner may direct alliance work or contribute to the development of services. Membership as a Strategic Partners on our Steering Group means that they share collective responsibility for the outcomes of the work of the alliance against BTA and national performance indicators.  Strategic Partners sign our terms of reference each year, confirming their commitment.  Find out more about our Steering Group