What do SLEs do?

Your Specialist Leader of Education’s (SLE) role is to extend the capacity, confidence and skills of those in a leadership role in your school. All of our SLEs know how to work in partnership with schools. All have excellent interpersonal skills and are able to work sensitively and collaboratively with others. Our SLEs are skilled coaches and facilitators, who will begin by identifying needs and then establish,with you, a clear approach for development.

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How do they work with school leaders?

  1. Analysis and diagnosis of strengths and areas for further development.
  2. One-to-one support or coaching.
  3. Working alongside individuals or facilitating group support.
  4. Demonstrating effective use and analysis of data.
  5. Shaping next steps in a practical, straightforward and achievable way.

How do I book an SLE?

One of our strategic partners (Birch Copse Primary) works together with our teaching school to broker support for our members or client schools. They lead on co-ordinating the work of the Specialist Leaders of Education within our alliance. Once you request support we will contact you to gain an overview of your needs, we will then match you with an appropriate support provider.

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Benefits of working with an SLE

We believe that for client schools this role enables the wider sharing of existing leadership expertise within and beyond our alliance. Our SLEs are all senior leaders who balance a teaching commitment with their leadership role. Many are involved in shaping and disseminating innovative practices in their own settings and draw on this in supporting others to grow.

As an alliance we are also committed to creating new opportunities and system led leadership. As part of this our SLEs can help you to identify staff in your school that may be ready for the next step in their career. They understand how to help others to development their essential leadership skills for career progression and most importantly for the benefit of pupils in your school.

Why become an SLE?

We think that this role is superb on the job professional development for SLEs; helping individuals to gain the confidence needed to take the next step on a leadership path. We know that the opportunity to work beyond your own setting enhances and hones leadership skills. As a result the SLE's school also benefits by seeing a member of staff sharing practice and bringing back insights from their support and placements to share.

How to become an SLE

Please use the following link for further details

How to become an SLE